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Damn. I lost my cellphone.

Posted by Concocktion - April 24th, 2010

I know, no big deal hunh..? Some kid lost his cellphone. "Blah blah, wahh wahhh. Get over it."

No. I refuse to get over it because my day is ruined. The following rant is brought to you by an extremely pissed off fifteen year old with a legitimate reason as to why this oh-so-insignificant loss.. Is oh-so-tragic.

Long story short, I made plans to hang out with this extremely attractive girl and there completely gone now. My phone decided to disappear off of the face of the Earth. I woke up pretty early this morning and had the phone in a pocket in my shorts. Hung out for a while, and whatnot. Went, at some point in time, to check for my phone and it was gone. I was slightly confused, seeing as though I'd only went between my room and the living room. I shrugged it off as me simply having dropped it, and went off to my room to scale the floor.

Not there.

Went into the living room. Not there. By the computer desk..? Enh enh. Slightly worried, I began to do what I did all day. I turned the entirety of my house upside down, inside out, and then slightly to the right, just to look for this little device. I soon lucked up, and thought of calling it, but it didn't work at all. I leave my phone on vibrate, and ran into every room in the entire house without hearing a thing.

the past five hours of my life were spent turning everything over, emptying baskets, shoveling through clothes, and turning over couches so that I may find this thing. What time is it now..? Oh, only about four hours after she got off work. Knowing her, she did as was planned and texted me.. Only to receive no answer. Tried again, but this time through a phone call. Failed. Tried again.. And once more. Then gave up, nonchalantly, and called one of her girlfriends to do something.