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Don't Watch This Shit. :l

2009-10-23 21:13:23 by Concocktion

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2009-10-23 23:46:36

Why would his parents buy him this incredibly sharp and dangerous sword...?

That's just bad parenting 101.

Concocktion responds:

You got the point.. First try..?!
Are you jesus. :3?


2009-10-26 19:25:25

Fucking lol. That's kind of scary to see that kid with that huge sword. I don't think it's shopped or whatever you call it either.

I bet that kid thinks he's the shit.

Concocktion responds:

I know that kid.

His name is Timmy, but me and my buds call'em Squishy. We met'em while in a seven boy gng fight.. he pulled out a switchy, and our opposing fighters ran.

In the end, Squishy saved us. Ya' know, he carries that thing around when his parents aren't home..? Of course you didn't. XD!


2009-10-27 02:35:30

Lol, Germany is crazy.


2009-11-07 23:24:40

Don't fucking even. First screamer I ever saw in my life. Have hated them ever since. Almost cried when I saw it when I was like 10.


2010-01-11 05:16:41

i watch it be for so i didn't pee myself lol